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The circus is a show for entertainment. As a kid we went to the circus, laughed at the elephant riding a cycle, cheered for the other animals doing tricks, knowing little about the abuse they would have gone through, forcing them to perform in fear. Thanks to some brave souls who fought for the rights of these animals. it is now banned and we have laws preventing use of animals at the circus. But life itself can be a circus, whether it is a animal to human relationship or a human to human relationship. We are surrounded by bullies that enjoy making us perform tricks as they weigh the odds and maybe we are not in a position to retaliate. Maybe we don't know how to extricate ourselves or maybe the consequence of retaliation is too severe and can affect others. Maybe we continue in hope for change. Bullies are cowards and abuse comes from lack of self respect. If anything one needs to feel sorry for a bully. Hopefully he too will become compassionate because life is just too short to be spent hating oneself. But most importantly we alone are responsible for our own happiness. Noone else can change that. All we need to do is look within and life can be a beautiful circus with no fear and no bullies. 'Circus' created by Anjali Rajkumar using Oil on Canvas is available in a size of 24"x48".

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