Sheetal Bhalerao

About Sheetal B

Sheetal B is an abstract artist based in Bangalore, India. Her work is inspired by her experiences and the curiosity to explore, discover new things that cut away from the monotony. Her artwork is a result of experiences that leads to discovery of new artistic expression every time a painting gets created.

She is constantly inspired by nature, its beauty, diversity and this also translates into her art. She enjoys the discovery process while creating art hence the work is a build-up of generous layering and textures. This results in a style that is constantly evolving which leads to newness in the work created. She likes to experiment with mixed media, new techniques that capture light and texture in the artwork.

Her influences are also from the independent life she has experienced, the various cities she has lived in the last 15 years and love for travel. Her art combines a lot of these experiences and the journey itself which has led her to embrace her creativity in the form of abstract art