Sameer Hazari
Currently working on his studio, a creative automation company building original content and
designing UI UX and HUDs for Augmented and Virtual Reality Environments.
Sameer Hazari’s paintings have been exhibited all around the world. He is also the first Indian
recipient of the Pablo Picasso Art Prize from PAKS Gallery for being the Most Creative
Thinking artist in 2015 in Paris. Sameer loves inter-disciplinary artistic collaborations and has
exhibited and painted live at NH7 Music Festival, Escape Festival and Comic Con India and
numerous such events. His is a multifaceted persona which extends across the creative
arena. While working on a startup aimed at enhancing visual experiences for consumers, he
is also invested in bringing alive his vision with an eponymous interactive design studio which
will be the first of its kind in India, blending real and virtual art.
Sameer Hazari is a prolific painter and an emerging star of India’s contemporary art world. He
is known for his provocative, psychedelic works, combining a unique sensibility rooted in the
urban and a host of techniques, testament to his prowess as a mixed media artist. Having
exhibited at major international art fairs and exhibitions, his repertoire includes interactive fine
art, colour theory, portraits, sculptures and psychedelic art.
Most followed Visual Artist on Facebook India @artandisameerhazari his popularity reflects
upon his own position as an artist of the ‘everyday extraordinary’ adding to his unique
approach towards bridging the divide between the artist and the audience. His belief in a
seamless dialogue between the artist and viewer is the motive behind his simultaneous
recording of the process of art creation to be shared with his audience on a regular basis.