Laura Smith

Laura Smith is a London based glass artist from the island of Bermuda. With 10 years experience making glass and setting up her practice in 2014, Laura’s glasswork uses her extensive skills in hot glass to capture the incandescent qualities of glass combined with precious metals. Laura’s work begins with looking at a simple object that has been absorbed into its environment. Inspired by underwater habitats of her island roots and objects absorbed into the underwater landscape, the collections combine the influence of the underwater habitat of Bermuda and how an object evolves and grows into its environment 

Laura's practice delves into working with metals in different textures, sizes and combinations with glass creating unique collections | Bespoke lighting projects in the UK and abroad | Collaborative Collections  

Trained at the Edinburgh College of Art with a BA in glass and with apprenticeships under talented glassmakers within the UK and Bermuda | Laura has 10 years experience in the glass industry