Anjali Rajkumar
Anjali Rajkumar, Chennai based artist signs under the name Aswatha as it is closely related to her spiritual pursuits. A portion of her work is related to spirituality and a portion is science based. Anjali worked as a research specialist for a neurologist, Dr. Branch Coslett, at University of Pennsylvania. The experience and the knowledge gathered during those years tends to influence her art work. She studied art undergrad in the United States, at Franklin and Marshall College, but immediately after graduation worked for a financial firm, Goldman Sachs, as a sales person. During those years the artist in her never found a way to express herself. It was only recently after moving back to India that she was able to do it. The art work uploaded here are examples from a series which uses a combination of charcoal, oil paint, acrylic, photos and graphics. Her style is quite varied and reflects her various life experiences