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Prasanta Acharjee

Prasanta Acharjee
Date of Birth : 14th November, 1973

5 yrs. Diploma in paintings from INDIAN SOCIETY OF ORIENTAL ARTS

Participations :

Group show on Frida Kahlo, curated by Gallery Art Exposure, Kolkata Jule 2018
Solo Show at Tejas  Art Gallery, Kolkata 2015 – curated by the Tejas Art Gallery
Solo Show at Shrimati Art Gallery, Kolkata 2012 – curated by Anirudh Chari
Solo show at Gallery Picture Perfect at Gurgaon in 2001
Two man show at Gurgaon in 2001
2nd Friendship Art Exhibition in Dhaka, Bangladesh 2009
Expressions East and West, Group show at  Islington  Art Factory, London September  2011
Group show at Blue Art Gallery, Delhi 2012
Group show at Art Value Gallery, Delhi 2012
5 Group shows by “IMAGINATION” at Academy of Fine Arts (’98-‘01) & Gorky Sadan ‘04
1 Group show by “ RAPPORT” at Indian Museum Hall’ in 2003   
8 Group shows by “Expression” at Calcutta Information Centre, 2005, G. C. Laha Fine arts Gallery, 2006, Bangladesh High Commission, 2007, Gallery’79, 2007, Academy of Fine Arts, 2007,
Birla Academy of Art & Culture, 2009, 2011, Renaissance Art Galerie 2011
5 Group shows by “ KOLPO”
Exhibition of Paintings by INFAC at Academy of Fine Arts,
“Durga” Exhibition of Paintings at Spectrum Art Gallery, 2008
Symphony in Art & Music” Exhibition organised by ArtBorderLine, London - 2009
Exh at ICCR, Kolkata – organised by art4u, 2009
“Durga” Exhibition of Paintings at Bimal Mitra  Art Gallery, 2011
“Ganesh” Exhibition of Paintings at Artist Circle Art Gallery, 2011
Participated in all major Annual exhibitions of Paintings in Kolkata
NIV Saturday Show, at NIV Art Centre, Delhi. December 2013

Awards :
Lilavati K. Shah Memorial Medal, All India Annual Exhibition of Indian Society of Oriental Art 1997
Santosh Kumar Chongdar Memorial Medal, All India Annual Exhibition of Indian Society of Oriental Art 1999

Art Camps :
Art Camp in Dhanbad, organized by Forest Department, 2008, 2009, 2010
Art Camp in Kolkata, organized by INFAC, 2008
Art Camp at Balasore Art College, 2010

Collection : DLF – Delhi, Alliance Francis Du Bengal - Calcutta, Gurgaon, Singapore, London, Brazil